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Australia's Nation Brand project

Australia's Nation Brand project

Led by industry and coordinated by Austrade on behalf of the Australian government, Australia's Nation Brand will project a confident, contemporary and consistent vision of Australia's strengths.

The nation brand concept is aimed at firmly positioning Australia as a trusted source of premium quality goods and services; an internationally competitive investment destination; a quality provider of education; and a fabulous place to visit for business or leisure.

A unified and strategic representation of Australia's capabilities internationally will improve our nation's global reputation and competitiveness across all industry sectors to support Australia's economic growth.

It's more than just a single logo or tagline; the Nation Brand will provide a strategic framework and narrative to mark our commercial, education and cultural credentials. The development of the new nation brand will help drive our competitive edge in international markets.

In 2018, RDA Brisbane’s Tracy Scott-Rimington contributed to a roundtable and had a follow-up interview as part of the Nation Brand’s team to gather the views of stakeholders regarding what we need to build and how it will be used by diverse Australian industries – be it tourism, education, science, investment, agriculture, mining, sports, the arts and more

Creative agency Clemenger BBDO Sydney has been selected to lead the development of Australia’s nation brand following the conclusion of a competitive global open tender process. The agency is tasked to create an authentic, compelling brand to drive preference and choice of Australia, its people, goods, services and thinking.,

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