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Brisbane 2032 goes to market for first major contract

By Australian Olympic Committee

President of the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Andrew Liveris, has used his maiden speech to announce the Organising Committee’s first major contract is now on the market to deliver the Brisbane 2032 brand.

The lucrative contract is expected to be highly sought after by brand design agencies across the country with the Brisbane 2032 brand expected to draw global recognition.

Mr Liveris said the Organising Committee will use the brand to entice people to South East Queensland long before the torch is lit and to stay well after the flame goes out.

“We want to deliver a compelling brand that reminds the world why they should come to Brisbane, stay and do business in Australia, and enjoy the Olympic and Paralympic Games along the way,” he said.

“South East Queensland’s superpower is our lifestyle, our ingenuity, our innovation, our entrepreneurship and our hospitality.

“To help us communicate our unique blend to the world in an increasingly crowded and noisy market, we will unite this message under the Brisbane 2032 brand,” he said.

Mr Liveris said people across the community would be given an opportunity to participate in the brand design process, with community consultation, market research and market testing forming key elements of the brand development process.

“We want the Brisbane 2032 brand to reflect who we are as a region, state and nation. To do that, we need to hear from our community, industry, First Nations peoples, Paralympians, Olympians and beyond.

“We will be coming to members right across our community in various ways throughout this process to get your ideas, and the winning agency will encapsulate this aspiration into the design of the brand,” he said.

Some of the deliverables required within the contract will include the Brisbane 2032 Brand Strategy, market research on brand values and aspirations, design of branded materials like signage and videography, and most importantly, the official Olympic and Paralympic Emblems.

“During the bid process, the International Olympic and Paralympic Committees granted permission for the use of the Brisbane 2032 Transition Emblem, which is what the Organising Committee currently uses,” Mr Liveris said.

“This Transition Emblem was designed for basic branding requirements through the candidature process, but it is not practical for long term use. We need Olympic and Paralympic Emblems that can be used across all our digital and physical materials and channels, as well as the venues and field of play in 10 years’ time.

“The Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Emblems are the first step in delivering all the elements required to establish the brand, with many subsequent brand assets to be unveiled over the coming decade, including the mascot, licensing product, sport pictograms and more.”

Mr Liveris said the Brisbane 2032 brand will also need to do heavy commercial lifting to support the requirements for the Organising Committee to deliver its operations on a cost-neutral basis.

“We want to build a compelling brand that will attract a premium for merchandise, broadcasting, sponsorship and drive ticket sales.

“A clearly defined brand that articulates our unique selling point as a games and a region will be critical to separate ourselves from other mega sporting events in the market. We cannot expect to rely on the value of the Olympic Rings and Paralympic Agitos alone.”

The Invitation to Offer goes live today via the Queensland Government’s QTenders website and agencies will have until 5.00pm (AEST) 19 October to submit their bids.

Mr Liveris said the agencies should bring their best, brightest and boldest bids to the table.

“We want to see the creativity of our nation’s brand agencies come to life in these bids, and we also want to see the agencies are Brisbane 2032 ready. We’re asking businesses to demonstrate their sustainability credentials, supply chain transparency, First Nations peoples engagement, and if they have operations based locally to Brisbane, Queensland and Australia. People have high expectations of our games and we too have high expectations of the businesses that will become part of the Brisbane 2032 story.”

Delivery and ownership of the games brand is one of the key responsibilities of the Organising Committee, along with other operational responsibilities including: raising revenue through sponsorship, philanthropy, ticketing and Brisbane 2032 licensing product, delivery the sport schedule, managing the temporary overlay and operation of the venues, security, recruiting the Brisbane 2032 volunteers and the other elements that bring together the event itself.

“In addition to our own operational responsibilities, the Organising Committee is responsible for organising the games, as the name suggests. As the owners of the Brisbane 2032 brand, we will coordinate and track the progress of all Games Delivery Partners and contributors to ensure that together, we deliver one of the most important events in the history of Queensland and Australia,” Mr Liveris said.

Games Delivery Partners including the Australian and Queensland Governments, councils, Paralympics Australia and the Australian Olympic Committee all have a significant role in delivering the venues, Games villages, and supporting infrastructure in coordination with the Organising Committee to ensure South East Queensland is ready to host the Games.

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