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 Boosting SEQ’s Global Competitiveness forum

Forum puts SEQ competitiveness in spotlight

RDA Brisbane has co-hosted an economic development forum to help SEQ thrive in the global economy, and highlight how Australia’s regions can play their part in achieving G20 growth targets.

The Boosting SEQ’s Global Competitiveness forum, held on September 17 at Brisbane City Hall, was a joint initiative with Economic Development Australia’s Queensland State Practitioner Network.

Against the back drop of the upcoming G20 Leaders’ Summit, the event emphasised the need for strong regional leadership, collaboration, entrepreneurship, support for SMEs and a plan for international engagement to position SEQ in the global economy.

Keynote speaker Dr Sergio Arzeni from the OECD discussed how entrepreneurship and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are key drivers of local economic development.
He outlined how some of the most successful regions in the world have strong policy support for SME and entrepreneurship growth, and where local firms are clustered and networked there are well documented increases in innovation and competitiveness.

Chair of the Consortia of SEQ RDAs Professor Max Standage discussed the SEQ Advanced Manufacturing Specialisations Joint Action Plan, a collaborative effort across the three tiers of government and industry to boost the manufacturing innovation and export potential of the region.

Presentations from federal Department of Industry representatives outlined new programs from 2015 to support entrepreneur infrastructure and build skills for competitiveness.

Regional Australia Institute CEO Su McCluskey highlighted the importance of developing a global positioning strategy for SEQ and discussed how to identify collaborators and partners to link to global supply chains.

CEO of the SEQ Council of Mayor Peter Olah previewed the SEQ Economic and Employment Long Term Projections 2013-2041, to guide future economic development strategy.

Representatives from some of the region’s emerging high value, knowledge-based growth sectors also reported on their plans for growth.

All forum presentations are available for download here.

The SEQ region has been invited to participate in an OECD cross-country project as a direct result of the forum, following a proposal from Dr Arzeni to RDA Brisbane.

The cross-country project will advise regions and localities in OECD countries on how to strengthen their entrepreneurship and SME policies. To aim is to build local economies that are resilient to internal and external shocks, and adaptable to changes in technology and markets.

RDA Brisbane is currently investigating avenues regarding participation in the project.

For further information, contact Tracy Scott-Rimington on or 0433 346 344.

All presentations from the forum are available on our Resources page.

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