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Intern to help RDA update SEQ regional indicators

Miguel Garces with RDA Brisbane CEO Margaret BladeRDA Brisbane will be updating and enhancing regional indicators for SEQ and national competitiveness over the next few months, with help from international student Miguel Garces, who is currently in Australia to complete a Masters of Development Economics at the University of Queensland.

Miguel has come to RDA Brisbane through the Australian Internships program, and has already completed a Master of Economics and Business Management in his native Ecuador, following a career as a systems and computer science engineer.

Miguel will be updating and expanding work previously developed by the consortia of SEQ RDAs in 2013. The consortia, under the day to day management of RDA Brisbane, developed an agreed set of indicators for regional development in SEQ to assist in project identification and performance management. Refreshed data from the Regional Institute of Australia’s Insight Regional Competitiveness Index will provide a starting point for the update.

While he is in Australia, Miguel hopes to increase his understanding of the determinants of success in social and economic development projects, and plans to work in the areas of social development and sustainability when he returns to his home country.

For more information on the regional indicators project, contact Margaret Blade on 0419 751 846 or

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