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Prime Minister commits to SEQ City Deal

Prime Minister commits to SEQ City Deal

RDA Brisbane welcomes the Australian Government's commitment to commence negotiations towards a South East Queensland City Deal with the Queensland Government and South East Queensland Council of Mayors, the scale of which would make it Australia’s largest City Deal to date.

This development is a key step in the transformation of our city and region to provide for future infrastructure commitments and industries, and improving planning and delivery of new residential 'cities' to cater for the future population growth.

The SEQ City Deal has been in the making for five years in a bid for a coordinated position by the three levels of government to deliver a $58 million boost to the region’s economy over the next 25 years.

Infrastructure such as inland rail and links to the Port of Brisbane will realise the region's competitive advantage, protect our world-class liveability and improve the economic and employment opportunities.

Read the State Government and SEQ Council of Mayors' Transforming SEQ City Deal Proposition here.

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