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RDA Brisbane awarded $100,000 to kickstart Queensland Hydrogen Industry Cluster H2Q

RDA Brisbane awarded federal funding to kickstart Queensland Hydrogen Industry Cluster H2Q

Regional Development Australia (RDA) Brisbane, on behalf of the Queensland Hydrogen Industry Cluster (H2Q), has been awarded $100,000 from the National Energy Resources Australia Industry Growth Centre (NERA) to formalise the establishment of the Queensland cluster which will work to develop an integrated and effective ecosystem connecting the state’s collective capability with activity nationally and globally.

H2Q was the only cluster in Queensland to receive funding and is one of 13 projects funded from a strong field of candidates nationally. RDA Brisbane is proud to have supported the development of the H2Q cluster over the past year, providing a home and professional cluster development expertise to the many local businesses and participants who have generously donated their time and expertise for this worthwhile cause.

H2Q will participate as part of the 13 clusters across Australia to establish a recognised brand for Australian hydrogen technology and expertise to accelerate hydrogen supply chain development, and reduce overlaps and identify gaps in the development, deployment and commercialisation of new hydrogen focused technologies.

One of the early activities of H2Q will be to appoint a CEO and map and connect-up the hydrogen economy across Queensland’s regions.

The funding of the 13 clusters nationally has been spearheaded by NERA to maximise the value of the energy resources sector and build a globally competitive, sustainable, innovative, and diverse hydrogen industry.

Lisa Liang, Chair of RDA Brisbane, said: “RDA Brisbane and its industry, research and government partners are excited to progress the establishment of the H2Q Queensland Hydrogen Industry Cluster to help execute and realise Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy and the Queensland Hydrogen Industry Strategy.”

Aurelia Noran, Chair of the Executive Committee for the H2Q Hydrogen Industry Cluster, added: “The funding support from NERA will enable H2Q to support, connect, develop and promote Queensland’s current and future hydrogen capability and position the State as a major hub of hydrogen production, industry and community usage, and hydrogen solutions development to create new skilled jobs and export opportunities.”

This announcement marks a crucial step in building the skills, capacities, and commercialisation opportunities necessary to unlock Australia’s enormous potential to create a globally competitive hydrogen industry that could add billions of dollars and thousands of jobs to the economy by 2050. This includes a range of technical and trade occupations, with many of these in regional areas..

Find out more about NERA’s Regional Hydrogen Technology Clusters' locations and collaborative members here or view the H2Q cluster website

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