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RDA Brisbane co-hosts economic delegation from China

RDA Brisbane co-hosts economic delegation from China

RDA Brisbane joined forces with Economic Development Australia (EDA) and the Queensland Government to host a 22-person economic delegation from China on September 22.

The delegation, from the China State Council of Economy and Social Development Research Centre, was in Brisbane to investigate Australian strategies for achieving sustainable development, and to build links with peak development bodies here.

RDA Brisbane CEO Margaret Blade provided an overview of Regional Development Australia, its role, charter and project examples.

EDA Australia’s Simon Millcock spoke on the roles of EDA, local government and regional development organisations in economic development, and Sarsha Pyzik from the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning discussed the Queensland Government’s economic development approach, the state’s economic performance and major projects.

With translation services provided by QUT, the presentations were followed by questions and discussion, and doors were opened for further collaboration.

For further information, contact Margaret Blade on 0419 751 846 or

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