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RDA Brisbane provides submission to 'ShapingSEQ' draft regional plan

ShapingSEQRDA Brisbane has provided a submission to the Queensland Government's draft South East Queensland Regional Plan ShapingSEQ.

ShapingSEQ provides a framework for managing the SEQ region's growth over the next 25 years and sets a vision for the next 50 years. Its development has included broad consultation in response to the region's expected changing population, both in size (5.3 million people by 2041) and demographics.

RDA Brisbane formed a working group harnessing the expertise of its members including town planning and economic development.

In line with the RDA's mandate of economic development, this submission has a central focus on the draft plan's second key theme 'prosper'. Nevertheless our feedback was relevant to and cuts across all five themes of the draft plan, recognising that the region's competitive and comparative advantages are contingent on having liveable, connected, sustainable communities.

Read the RDA's submission

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