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 Paris 2017 OECD Forum

RDA Brisbane represented at the Paris 2017 OECD Forum

RDA Brisbane’s Regional Development Coordinator Tracy Scott-Rimington had the privilege of representing the RDA at the invitation-only OECD Annual Forum in Paris in June 2017. (Tracy was in Europe on a TCI-Network sponsored trip.)

Australia, along with the sponsor country Denmark, were key supporters of the forum.

Coming from Brisbane, host city to the G20 in 2014, familiar themes of the digital economy and industrial transformation, wealth creation and distribution, tax avoidance and corruption had evolved to inform this year's key theme: Bridging the Divides.

The forum highlighted the importance of continuing a focus on developing more integrated and inclusive economies and societies to support people, firms, regions and cities, to spread the benefits of globalisation further.

There was a sense of urgency around the need to take stronger collective action to bring about inclusive development and fairer outcomes.

OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria cautioned that we are at a pivotal point in globalisation, and we must act together to avert the negative impacts and rise of further discontent, and truly harness the benefits that globalisation can offer for all.

Links to the forum programme, podcasts and key quotes are provided in Tracy’s presentation.

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