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Skill Shortages Update available now

RDA Brisbane has released a 2013 Update and a Supplementary Report to its Skill Shortages in the Greater Brisbane Labour Market 2012-2021 report, originally completed and released in 2011.

The update has revised the forecast of new jobs needed over the 2012-2021 period from 343,000 down to 292,500 – a reduction of 50,500 jobs and slower growth from 2.9% to 2.5% per annum - which is attributed to a number of factors including structural changes in the economy and a softening of the resources sector. However this is expected to be a short-term phenomenon, with trend in the next couple of years likely to be back towards the earlier forecast of 343,000.

The 2013 Update report predicts the projected increase in jobs is still not able to be serviced by the domestic market on current trends. Growth is concentrated in the Managers, Professionals, Technicians and Trades workers occupations, which accounts for nearly two-thirds of the increased jobs. From an industry perspective Professional, scientific and technical services closely followed by Health care and social assistance will be the highest growth industries (accounting for 32% of jobs growth). Other high growth sectors are Construction, Public administration and safety, and Education and training.

The Supplementary Report “Issues Relating to Skill Shortages and Labour Force Management in the Greater Brisbane Labour Market” looks in more detail at things such as labour market segregation by gender, the growth in professional employment, possible structural changes in tertiary education, labour force re-entry issues and services to the mining industry.

Reports are available for download here:

Skills Shortages in the Greater Brisbane Labour Market 2012-2021 - 2013 Update

Supplementary Report - May 2013

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