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RDA Brisbane hosted a 3 hour workshop led by thought leader Stephen Alexander aimed at helping business decision makers determine how new digital decision solution tools, including blockchain based governance, verification and legal instruments – underpinned by the RED Toolbox - can work for them today in their organisations.
Blockchain workshop

Umbrella groups & blockchain now incorporated into RED Toolbox 

RDA Brisbane is a foundation partner in The RED Toolbox, a national collaboration platform supporting Australia's productive industries - agriculture, creative industries, defence, ICT, manufacturing, medical and health, METS, smart-trades and tourism.

What's new in The RED Toolbox?

"Umbrella" Groups

The "umbrella" groups - Advanced Manufacturing, Agricultural and Food, Energy, Water & Environment, ICT, Medical and Health, Mining and METS, Security and Protection, Smart Cities Infrastructure, Sport Development and Tourism Development - are the engine room of the RED Toolbox. 

These sectoral groups complement the regional groups created by Councils and RDAs. Regional and sectoral groups can then share and collaborate.

Blockchain solutions

Partering with Annexus and Consesys, blockchain solutions will be strategically incorporated into the Toolbox during 2018, added into the five dimensional structure - sectors, regions, issues, projects and export.

Blockchain offers new possibilities through its distributed ledger (distributed database) technology, which allows not just data to be shared across a network privately and incorruptibly, but also applications.

Consensys is the leading Ethereum blockchain development company in the world and we will be conducting a series of explanatory and exploratory sessions and workshops in the new year.

Partners will be able to explore how this new technology can be applied to their region or sector to increase productivity, jobs, equity, collaboration and resilience. Solutions will be added to the projects section of the Toolbox when ready.

Please contact the CEO of RDA Brisbane, Margaret Blade, if you would like to attend a session:

Become a RED Toolbox partner

Groups are expanding in number and variety as RDAs, councils and other partners join The RED Toolbox - covering regional interests, industry sectors and issues, and connecting regions to other regions with common interests (diary, export, tourism, health, sport, jobs etc).

Become a Council or RDA partner and create multiple groups for your region, connect to other regions, and promote your region and its exporters. See the About Page for details.

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