Download RDA Brisbane's 2020 - 2021 Business Plan

Summary of Key Business Activities

RDA Brisbane has prioritised its activities on where we have gathered momentum and influence and where we can make an impact with our available resources and expertise in addressing the Regional Priorities, while operating within the parameters of the RDA Charter. RDA Brisbane is able to work with flexibility and agility to seize new opportunities and refocus where government directions may change. All our activities which we either lead or support leverage partnerships or collaboration with key business/industry, government or community stakeholders.

  1. Lead and participate in COVID economic response and recovery planning, communication and implementation measures, including the Roadmap to Revitalisation program
  2. Deliver the ASBAS Digital Solutions program throughout Queensland with broader business topic offerings to cater for COVID impacts
  3. Facilitate the formation and operation of innovative clusters, provide global connections, support cluster events and develop a cluster guide
  4. Broaden RDA Brisbane's profile by ramping up stakeholder engagement and partnerships
  5. Provide advice to Government including participation of RDA in the SEQ City Deal