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Brisbane: At the convergence of technology and healthcare

Brisbane excels in biomedical research, medical device manufacturing and clinical trials on a global scale, and is home to a network of world-class translational research centres and state-of-the-art hospitals and precincts.

This has created a critical mass of knowledge generation driving growth in high-value specialisations such as bio-medicine, vaccine research and drug discovery, oncology, clinical trials, ageing and chronic conditions, neurosciences, hospital management and e-health and human bionics. Together with a well-supported startup ecosystem and strong advanced manufacturing capability, Brisbane is at the forefront of the convergence of technology and healthcare, attracting international attention and recognition.

Brisbane's competitive advantages

Asia Pacific location

Asia PacificLocated on the doorstep of the fastest-growing region for consumer demand and income growth, Brisbane is ideally positioned for the global pivot to Asia and the Pacific. Companies such as Cook Medical, the largest privately-owned medical device company in the world, has based its Asia Pacific headquarters in Brisbane and companies such as Cochlear and ResMed also have a significant presence with Cochlear producing external components of the cochlear implant systems at their recently expanded Brisbane manufacturing facility.

Brisbane also has a substantial complementary medicines manufacturing sector, with companies including Integria Healthcare, Health World Limited and Sanofi Aventis Consumer Healthcare based here.

With a burgeoning medtech and pharma capability and well-established research, business and cultural connections across the globe and throughout the Asia Pacific region, Brisbane is an ideal place to locate your medtech and pharma enterprise.

Education, research and talent
Strengths and specialisations
Drug and vaccine discovery
Chronic diseases, ageing and regeneration
Superior location for clinical trials
National support with MTPConnect
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