Queensland and Commonwealth Collaboration and Showcase 2018


TCI Network Innovation and Competitiveness Summit 2016

1-3 June 2016, Adelaide
TCI Network event supported by RDA Brisbane

Boosting SEQ's Global Competitiveness Forum 2014

17 September 2014, Brisbane
Hosted by RDA Brisbane

SEQ in the Asian Century Forum 2013

25 July 2013, Brisbane
Hosted by RDA Brisbane
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Workforce Futures Forums 2011 & 2012

Northside Workforce Futures Forum
20 June 2012, Chermside
Hosted by RDA Brisbane

South-West Brisbane Workforce Futures Forum
18 March 2011, Richlands
Hosted by RDA Brisbane

Innovation Scorecard 2012

Brisbane Marketing initiative supported by RDA Brisbane

National Youth Attainment and Transitions Conference 2011

29 November 2011, Brighton Beach