Mining Equipment, Technology & Services

Brisbane: World leader in METS

Brisbane is a world leader and centre of excellence in the mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector and home to the largest METS cluster in the world. With more than 500 companies across greater South-East Queensland, METS companies are innovative and technologically advanced, delivering goods and services that are distinctive in their use by mining customers.

Ranging from large contract mining companies capable of designing and building whole mine sites to small firms that design and produce specialised equipment tailored to specific operations, the cluster is highly diverse in both size and scope and is linked by core competencies across coal, oil, gas and minerals.

Brisbane's competitive advantages

Proximity to growing Asian markets

METS Miners

Brisbane's geographic proximity to the Asia Pacific region provides a competitive advantage for major energy and resources companies whose global, Asia Pacific or national headquarters are based here.

Demand for commodities is expected to double over the next 30 years with much of this growth expected to occur in Asia, led by China and India. This growth in demand provides long-term opportunities for greater Brisbane’s METS companies. With a cohort of global energy and resource corporates supported by many small and medium enterprises, Brisbane also provides the ideal test bed for innovation in the local market before going global.

Put simply, Brisbane offers the ideal location for new start-ups, emerging and established METS companies to capitalise on the sector's sound reputation and projected growth. Across Queensland, new energy and resources segments are emerging including on-shore gas and battery minerals, providing new entry points and opportunities for firms specialising in the expertise to develop these resources.

Clusters of specialisations
Internationally recognised research institutes
Reputation and opportunity
Brisbane's METS Growth Centre
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