Food & Beverage

Supported by research & expanding infrastructure

Brisbane offers outstanding opportunities in the expansive food and beverage sector, and commercialisation in this arena is well supported by the city's research community and expanding infrastructure. The food and beverage, grocery and fresh produce manufacturing industry is worth $114 billion to the Australian economy. It is the country's largest manufacturing industry and is four times larger than the automotive parts manufacturing industry. It employs around 300,000 people, representing 2.6% of all employed people in Australia. The food and beverage processing industry makes up the majority of this, contributing $91.6 billion and 220,500 jobs. Access to quality inputs, a growing consumer market, skilled workforce, low operational costs and excellent infrastructure are some of the advantages that make Brisbane a premier location for food and beverage manufacturing.

Brisbane's competitive advantages

Supply chain

Food Berries

Brisbane has many supply chain advantages including:

  • Queensland is Australia's premier state for fruit and vegetable production, growing one third of the nation's produce.
  • Queensland is Australia's primary beef producer and is home to
  • 46.8% of Australia's total beef cattle herd.
  • Organic farming is a high growth area of agriculture across Australia, and Queensland has attracted 26.7% of Australia's organic producers.
Talent, innovation and education
Expanding infrastructure
Ready to eat
Meat processing
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